Building Instructions

Step by step to your self-made bristlebot, very easy!

Video building instructions (german)


Parts Included

A. Toothbrush-Head wit double sided tape
B. 3D printed connector system
C. Vibrationmotor
D. Knopfbatterie
E. Various decoration - e.g. googly eyes 



Open your packaging and put out all components. Keep the plastic bag in a safe place, put your robot and the battery in it, nothing will be lost, otherwise the battery will be gone in no time! You need a hot glue gun to attach the motor cables and the decoration.


1. Remove protective foil

Remove the protective foil from the double-sided tape. The toothbrush was previously treated with heat so that the bristles can be bent backwards. In this way, the robot is given a direction of travel forward and does not "whip around". Therefore, the toothbrush looks used, but it is new and pretreated as already explained.


2. Glue on the connector system

Glue the 3D printed connector system onto the toothbrush head. Make sure to place the connector system around so that the slot with the cable holes on the side points to the rear, i.e. where the toothbrush was cut off. Stick on as symmetrically as possible, in other words nicely in the middle, lengthways and straight so that the robot will drive as straight as possible.


3. Install motor

First remove the white protective foil from the motor, then put it inside the front slot. Thread the motor cables into both side holes from the outside in, one on the left and one on the right. It doesn't matter which cable goes into which hole. Be careful, the little cables can easily tear if you pull them too hard! Make sure that only the stripped metal ends of the cables look out, these then touch the contacts of your battery. Do not thread any further, otherwise the cables will tear off when the button battery is inserted.


4. Insert the battery

Put the button battery in the rear compartment of the housing and off you go! If the robot vibrates, everything has been done correctly. Please insert as far as possible to avoid a short circuit or loose contact. Then the cables can be Hot glue are fixed so that they no longer slide out.

Falls deine Batterie leer geworden ist, entsorge sie bitte fachgerecht. Du kannst günstigen Ersatz in verschiedenen Geschäften wie z.B. 1Euro-Shops. Welche Batterie du benötigst, steht direkt auf der Batterie geschrieben.

5. Decorate your robot

Finally, your robot can be decorated according to your imagination. The supplied decoration can be used with e.g. Hot glue can be attached. Attention, loose eyes are not self-adhesive. Have fun experimenting!

You can find suggestions and inspiration on how to decorate your robot here: Decovariations

You can find ideas for further experimentation with your finished robot here: Experiment ideas

If you have any questions about the building instructions, please let us know, we can help you!