Game ideas

Here you can find play options for your Wunderwuzzi robot!

Labyrinth fahren
Lego kompatibler Aufsatz
Drag Racing fahren

Baue ein Labyrinth, wie bei deinen Rennstecken mit Hilfe von Bausteinen als Abgrenzungen. Das Labyrinthwuzzi fährt drin flink herum und sucht den Weg heraus. Wie schnell schafft es dein Wunderwuzzi heraus aus dem Labyrinth?

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Build a sumo battle arena from building blocks and compete against each other!

The following things lead to victory:
1. Knock down the enemy
2. Push the other robot back into the opposing starting field or
3. Be the first to drive into the opponent's starting field.

Design your Wunderwuzzis with grab arms and bumpers to equip them for sumo fighting. Ready, set, sumo!

Build a racetrack out of building blocks, if there are no building blocks at hand, you can also use things like books or pens, everything that is a limitation for the gangs of your racetrack. Which robot will be the first to drive a lap as quickly as possible? Ready, Set, Go!

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Your robot knocks down all the cones, strike! Use small figures from your game collection for bowling fun

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Go for a walk with your nice weather Wunderwuzzi! Put your robot on a leash, use a simple wool thread. Have fun walking!

Dip the brush of the robot like a paintbrush in color and let the bristlebot around and flit over paper!
Note: Do not let the engine and battery get wet, otherwise they will not work properly

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Combine your robots with decorative materials into a long caterpillar! The Wunderwuzzis meander in single file on your racetrack

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Use your Wunderwuzzi robot as a supplement to your doll house: as a vacuum cleaner robot or as a pet!

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Become film director and make films with your robot actors!

App tip for making stop-motion films:
Stop Motion Studio for Android and iOS
(all Wunderwuzzi films were made with this app, a lot of fun!)

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Build a high-speed track and let your robots race against each other, who will be the fastest? It is also possible to race against time using a stopwatch. Let's go!

The collection is constantly being expanded with game ideas, after all, the Wunderwuzzis are real all-rounders! What ideas do you have, what other exciting things can you do with the robots? Let us know, we are very excited!