Duty to provide information in accordance with Section 5 of the E-Commerce Act, Section 14 of the Business Code, Section 63 of the Commercial Code and disclosure requirements under Section 25 of the Media Act

Company name: Wunderwuzzi Roboter e.U.
Owner: DI Erkin Bayirli

Object of the company: Robot do-it-yourself courses and sales of course materials
UID number: ATU74986928
Commercial register number: FN 465464 g
Commercial register court: Commercial Court Vienna
Head office: 1140 Vienna, Austria

Huetteldorfer Street 257A/15
1140 Vienna, Austria

E-Mail: office@wunderwuzzi.at

Member of: WKO, Wien
Professional law: Trade

Regulatory authority / trade authority: Magistrate of the City of Vienna
Job title: Trainer with sales
Awarding State: Austria

Media owner: DI Erkin Bayirli

Online Dispute Resolution Information: Consumers have the option to submit complaints to the EU's online dispute resolution platform: http://ec.europa.eu/odr. You can also address any complaints to the email address above.